Cyber Mutant Progress

Work In Progress / 13 October 2019

Here's some progress on my most recent personal piece that I started while I was still at Gnomon. Just viewport screenshots/IPR renders and some visdev I painted over the 3D base for now. It's slowed down a bit since I started working at MPC, but I hope to have this finished sooner than later. The hard-surface parts were particularly challenging to understand in the concept art, but I had a great time deciphering them and making some design decisions. Almost there with this guy. Hope you like it so far!


Mursi Warrior Clay Renders

General / 14 May 2019

I’ve been working on this guy and a cyber mutant for my demo reel at Gnomon. Really excited to texture them, but in the meantime here are some high poly renders of the A-posed warrior. These are from V-Ray with displacement maps. Also did a bit of Nuke comp and then Photoshop for filter effects. All retopo’d and UV’d, so textures aren’t far off. Hope you like it so far!



The Creature from the Black Moon

General / 13 November 2018

Another fun project for Creature Modeling class that I worked on throughout the past few days. Hope you like it!


General / 30 October 2018

Sculpted this guy over the last couple days for Creature Modeling/Sculpting class. Had a ton of fun playing with his anatomy and forms. Hope you like him!

Robot WIP

General / 11 June 2018

Having a ton of fun modeling this dude! Still a bit of a WIP, so I'm going to have to keep polishing it up over break before posing and final renders. This has been an amazing learning experience, and I can't wait to texture it next term when we learn Mari. Concept by Nathan Dollarhite.